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On this page, you can keep track of the progress of this project. Here, you'll find a summary of the tasks I'm currently working on and what I have planned for the future. I'll also regularly update this page with my thoughts and any topics that come to mind while working on this project. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

Status: Active
Last update: July 6, 2024
Current task: Describing the Batavian Revolution and Napoleonic Wars

Current tasks

Now working on
Describing the Batavian Revolution and Napoleonic Wars
Create the District of Vöhren
July 31, 2024
The District of Vöhren is the first district to be fully developed. This task contains (1) creating the geographical location and places, including conceptual 3D models and renders for those places, (2) creating the residents of Vöhren, (3) writing the history and (4) creating the flora and fauna for the district. All articles will have a Medium Detail Level, meaning they will have simple text and conceptual artwork.
Create the District of Aegheria
December 31, 2024
The District of Aegheria is the second district to be fully developed. It contains the first big city to be 3D modelled and rendered, namely Lutheria. Many 3D models for the buildings need to be made, making this a quite extensive task. Besides this, the residents, history, flora, and fauna of this district need to be developed. All articles will have a Medium Detail Level, meaning they will have simple text and conceptual artwork.
Create the economy simulation
December 31, 2024
To make this worldbuilding project more realistic and give insight of the changing times I plan to make a simulation of the economy of the Region. This simulation will give details on the important events, weather, population, production, trade and politics. The simulation will run per month, and presented on this website as a yearly overview.
Create a visual walkthrough with storytelling
August 30, 2024
To be able to navigate through the world, I want to make a visual walkthrough, made with renders of the places of the world. The images are clickable, so one can navigate to another place in the world. I also want to add the option to add audio to the walkthrough, which can give additional information or just some background music.
Improve experience mobile devices
December 31, 2024
One big disadvantage of this platform is that the website is not very mobile friendly. Therefor I am going to try (with the limited possibilities available) to improve the experience for mobile devices. This includes (1) responsiveness, (2) map functionality (which is currently very bad on mobile devices) and (3) improving timelines.

Finished tasks

Transfer website to World Anvil
June 30, 2024



July 6, 2024
Hello everyone. I have been working on the main history of the Region of Kilden during the last few weeks. I have made a rough sketch of the political and military timelines and am now starting to collect information and write the articles for them. At the moment, these events are drawn from the real history of the time period 1790 - 1868. I will later weave the fictional part of this project into the realistic historical timeline.   Besides this, I am doing a bit of organization, cleaning up my ClickUp workspace, and checking if the websites match the information on the Kanban board and vice versa. This way, I can keep track of the things I still need to work on or have already finished. When both the reorganization is finished and the historical timeline of the period 1790 - 1868 is complete, I can start rewriting the character sheets of all the characters currently created and see if their story still fits in with the historical timeline. I will also update or elaborate on their stories, giving the characters more personality that fits their corresponding era.   I am also planning to add more information on education, jobs, and cultures to the characters. Also, for this part, I need to finish the historical timeline first. I will start with the main religions in the area and dedicate a detailed page to them. Besides this, I am working (parallel to the historical timeline) on the simulation of the area and economy. The current plan is to make a yearly simulation that describes (1) the weather, (2) the events, (3) the population, and (4) the economy. I think this simulation is going to tie together the current articles into one cohesive story. I can't wait to see the result of this...
June 6, 2024
Hello everyone. Once again, I've been struggling to find the right tools for my worldbuilding project. This time, I had serious doubts about the platform that I had used to build the website. Even though I was just getting started, I quickly reached the limit on the number of articles I could publish on the website. I realized that I needed to upgrade, but the cost was so high that I made the tough decision to switch to another platform, namely World Anvil. This platform is built specifically for worldbuilding and offers a wide range of tools to support this. Because of previous limitations, it was never an option for me. However, after keeping track of the development for some time, I concluded that the platform has now become much more workable, especially with the release of templates and variables.   So, for the third time this year (:P) I have rebuilt the website and I'm currently transferring all the content manually. It's a lot of work, but I'm really happy with the result so far. Over the next few weeks, I plan to transfer all the content from the previous versions of the website to the new platform and add some new content as well.   Besides switching the website platform, I have also decided to cancel my subscription for V-Ray (which I use for rendering my models). The subscription has become much more expensive, making it unfeasible for hobbyists. As a result, I have spent the last two months learning how to use Unreal Engine for rendering my models. I still rely on SketchUp for creating the models, but I now use Unreal Engine for staging and rendering the scenes. I will soon publish the first conceptual renders of the places (such as Lutz farm, Hochter farm, Grennsted, and The Black Poplar Mill) on the new website.   The recent changes have affected my schedule. Initially, I had planned to complete the districts of Vöhren and Aegheria by now. However, this is not possible as I need to redesign the city of Lutheria and write all the articles. Instead, I will prioritize finishing the first version of the Vöhren district before moving on to the Aegheria district.   Now that the website has been completed (again), I feel more confident about releasing the project on social media. I was hesitant to share updates before because I didn't want people to visit a website that was only half-finished and had no structure or navigation. However, with the new version of the website, I believe these issues have been improved, and I'm ready to start sharing my work. Stay tuned for the next updates, and please start following me on Instagram, DeviantArt, and World Anvil.
April 30, 2024
Hello everyone. Recently, I have encountered some issues with the 3D models I was working on. Even though there were not many objects or level of detail, the models became too large to handle. I had two options to fix this problem. The first option was to split up the models into smaller pieces, but I realized it would only be a temporary solution. So, I decided to go for the second option, which was to switch to different modelling software. Although this means that I have to start everything from scratch, it's better than continuing with the current problem. Although this will delay the deadlines for Vöhren and Aegheria districts and all deadlines following them, I believe this decision will improve the final product. In the next few weeks, I will focus on the main 3D models for Vöhren, and after that, I will start working on the city of Lutheria.   Besides this, I have some exciting updates to share with you! Firstly, I have improved the maps by changing the perspective to an isometric view. This provides a better sense of the environment and helps me to create and plan 3D models. Although the map is still a work in progress, you can already check out the first version online. In addition to the map, I have also created a new inventory and trade system. This allows you to see the different goods that people are producing and the various production lines. It also helps me to determine which goods are locally produced and which ones need to be imported. Furthermore, I have developed a concept for a panoramic walkthrough function. This feature is not yet available on the website, as I am still waiting for the renders from the new 3D models. However, instead of using expensive third-party plugins to create full panoramas, I will be using clickable images, which will make it easier to update the website. I can't wait to share the new renders and models with you. Stay tuned...
February 2, 2024
Hello everyone! I've been working on developing the two districts, "Vöhren" and "Aegheria", for a few weeks now. I'm planning to add a lot of content to them in the coming weeks. Currently, I'm working on creating a 3D model of the city of Lutheria and Lutz farm. My aim is to render panoramic images from these models, which I will publish on the website in a panoramic walkthrough presentation. This will allow you to view the world and navigate through it as if you're walking through it yourself. It takes a lot of time and effort to develop these models, so it will take a few months until they're ready. However, the models will also be used for creating animations, which are an important part of the animated film. I'm very excited to see the models come to life - it's like all of my ideas are being materialized for the first time. Please keep an eye on the website for the upcoming content.
November 6, 2023
Hello everyone! It's time for an update since the last one was a couple of months ago. I've been busy transferring my website to a new domain name, specifically dedicated to this project. My old website was no longer relevant, so I decided to get rid of it and create a new website for this project with a page for my portfolio. This way, I can focus on the project and keep my portfolio separate. During the transfer, I took the opportunity to restructure the website, so some pages that were previously finished are now under construction again. However, I have some exciting new developments to share in an upcoming update. For now, I need to finish up with the website before continuing to create content and also preparing the social media accounts, so I can share my progress there too. Stay tuned for more information!
August 12, 2023
Hello everyone! Today is a special day because I launched the first version of my new website, Ayrngaer! I spent the last four days working on a renewed style that reflects the artistic and painted style I want to incorporate into my artwork and future videos. Navigation has also become much easier with a new main menu and sticky content menus on each page, making it easier to find the information you need. Currently, I am working on setting up social media platforms on DeviantArt and Instagram, where I will post snippets of my work in progress and finished projects. I can't wait to finally start with the real creation of this projects, instead of all the prep-work I am currently doing. Which is very important ofcourse. But my fingers itch to start writing and creating artwork again!
August 7, 2023
Hello everyone! I am thrilled to share that I have been hard at work and have made tremendous progress since my last update. I am proud to announce that I have added even more detail pages, including eras, calendars, and cultures & religions. With these new features, you can easily pinpoint the time period of a story or event and explore it further. The calendars feature now allows you to view events and stories on a monthly basis, and recurring events like holidays are now included. To top it off, my "Cultures & Religions" category allows you to delve deeper into people's religion or culture, with information about deities, events, and more. Keep exploring and discovering with me!
August 1, 2023
Greetings everyone! It's been a while since my last update, but I've been hard at work creating a world simulation to gain a better understanding of population growth, economic trends, and overall happiness of the world. Though it may sound complex, I've managed to create a simple yet realistic simulation using Excel. The results will be presented on the Economic Page, likely divided by districts. Stay tuned for more information!
May 27, 2023
Hello there! I'm excited to share that I've completed the initial version of the map feature for my world-building project. This allows me to design interactive maps that feature locations, stories, and individuals. I've also begun working on a detailed map of Kilden, starting with the Vöhren district. You're welcome to take a look at the map, which is still a work in progress. Click here to see the first map.
April, 3, 2023
For a very long time, I worked on a world-building project. It has known many names and has existed in multiple forms of media, like stories, poetry, artwork and music. Yet, the project never took off until now. Today I have finished the first draft of the online portal of this project. It is far from finished, but that is okay. I envision this to be a "slow" project I can work on when I see fit and have inspiration. Still, I have huge ambitions like publishing short stories and movies. Time will tell if this project gets off the ground, but we'll see. If you are curious, feel free to wander around.

Cover image: by Zev Chafer (original art)


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