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Jan, 01 1868

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Field of Stories
Map of Kilden Base Map Image
by Zev Chafer (original art)
Welcome wanderer
You are moving closer and are nearly at the door! When you enter, please leave all your words and meaning behind. We are starting anew. I am so grateful that you are here and willing to experience the things I might say. I am still at a loss for words, but you know, the substance will come when time passes. Right now, we have just crossed the beginning. There are so many things to discover. I will try to make it all as accessible as possible. But remember, there is a whole universe waiting for us.   When you venture down, you will find the adventure we are currently enjoying. The map will help you find out where we are in space. There might not be much around at all, but we will manage for now. Most of the things are waiting patiently for us to notice. When you click on a place on the map or an adventure, you will be transported to that place. Very convenient, isn't it?   But before you go! Please do not be scared of the ink stains. Writing everything down while you are exploring can be pretty tricky. Multitasking was never my strongest point. But what is more beautiful than seeing the fruits of the process, even if it is messy sometimes?

About Àyrngáer
Well, that was a nice intro, but perhaps you have no idea where you are right now and what it all means. Let me explain it a little bit more clearly. Àyrngáer, or the "Field of Stories", is a semi-fictional visual art and worldbuilding project started by Zev Chafer (me:). The project follows a main storyline where you can explore the universe with its places, characters, history, tales and much more through stories, art, music and video.   If you want to know more about the background of this project, please go to the "About" page. If you want to know more about the creator, please go to the "Creator" page for more information. Have fun!
At the moment, this website is still under construction. Feel free to look around, but you may expect some peculiarities
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