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Fauna is a term used to describe the diverse and unique animal life that inhabits a particular geographic region, environment, or time period. It encompasses the entire range of animal species, from the smallest insects to the largest mammals, and includes everything in between. The word "fauna" derives its origin from the Roman mythology, where Faunus and his wife Fauna were considered as the gods of forests, plains, and fields. When you venture down, you can take a look in the beastery with all kinds of animals from different species living on Earth  


by Zev Chafer (original art)


by Zev Chafer
The Lakenvelder is a genus from the bovine family and probably originates from the Netherlands and Germany. A broad white stripe over the middle of the body can identify the Lakenvelder. The males weigh about 700kg and have an average height of 140cm, while the females weigh 550kg and have an average height of 130cm. They are mainly kept for their milk and meat.

Cover image: by Zev Chafer (original art)
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