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Flora is a term that encompasses the entirety of plant life in a given geographic region. This includes everything from towering trees to tiny wildflowers, and everything in between. The term derives from the name of the Roman goddess Flora, who was revered for her association with the beauty and vitality of springtime and flowers. If you want to know more about trees, herbs and bushes off all kinds, please venture down a take a look.  


by Zev Chafer (original art)
Rye is a type of grain that is closely related to wheat and barley. It's known for its hardiness, able to grow well in poor soils where other grains might struggle. Rye has a deep, earthy flavor and is often used in bread-making, for example in rye-bread (Dutch: roggebrood), which is commonly eaten by the farmers. Also Rye is used in other specialities, such as black pudding. The color of rye bread is usually darker than that of wheat bread, and it has a denser texture.

Cover image: by Zev Chafer (original art)


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