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The Creator

Hello! My name is Zev Chafer, and I'm a visual artist and writer from the Netherlands. My passion for creating art and writing is evident in everything I do. I have a particular interest in photography, digital art, 3D modelling & rendering, and worldbuilding. I've taken all of these passions and combined them into a single, cohesive project: Àyrngáer. This project is the main focus of this website, and it's where I showcase my creative skills and storytelling abilities. Through this project, I've built an entire world, complete with its own history, characters, and stories.   Besides this project, I like to participate in Photoshoots and creating digital art with diverse topics, such as conceptual, horror and nature. A selection of recent works are listed on this page. Feel free to scroll through my portfolio. For more information on a particular piece, please click on the image or visit my DeviantArt page for my complete portfolio.   Are you interested in collaborating? Contact me via email or one of the social media platforms below.  

Cover image: by Zev Chafer (original art)
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